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The Brand

Faces of Force is the epitome of natural beauty, dedicated to becoming the go-to brand for skin and hair care enthusiasts worldwide. Our mission is clear: to present products that not only make you look and feel your best but are also rooted in nature and effectiveness. Recognizing that what you apply externally is as crucial as what you consume, we prioritize naturally derived ingredients that offer unparalleled performance. Our manufacturing processes in the U.S.A combine the best of global ingredients, ensuring you get the results you desire at prices you love. Beyond products, Faces of Force stands firm in its commitment to inspire the health-conscious movement, give back to our communities, and deeply value the partnerships that help us grow. Dive into a world where nature meets efficacy, and experience the Faces of Force difference.


Faces of Force delivers skincare for Black and Brown men, crafted by those who understand the nuances and unique challenges of melanin-rich skin firsthand.  


Faces of Force believes in accessible skincare that goes beyond the surface. Accessible at not just price point, Faces of Force provides an easy way for Black and Brown men to learn about their unique skin, its challenges and, most importantly, their solutions. 


Faces of Force uses natural ingredients carefully selected to bring radiance to Black and Brown skin and address the unique needs of their skin.


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