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About Us

The Force of will

The three men behind the Faces of Force brand saw a need and were determined to meet it. It started with a fatherly conversation on a weekend afternoon at a family barbeque about their sons’ adolescent skin care challenges, the harshness of conventional products designed for Black skin, and the lack of effective non-toxic options. So they put their heads together with an expert in natural product formulation and created a line of high-performance, plant-based elixirs for healthy skin and expertly groomed hair and beards.

A Force to be reckoned with

We are here to take a stand as advocates for more health-conscious, less toxic, more inclusive personal care that promotes civil rights, freedom of speech, property rights,

and equal access to goods and services.

The Force of nature

Plant-based nutrients, antioxidants, and moisturizers – responsibly grown and sourced – preserve resilience, protect against damage by free-radicals and pollutants, and give the confidence to put one’s absolute best face forward. 

Who is Faces Of Force?

Faces of Force empowers men with black and brown skin and hair to care for themselves with health-conscious products that harness the forces of nature to support resilience throughout the cycles of life.


To Black and Brown men, Faces of Force is health-conscious care for hair and skin that harnesses the forces of nature to inspire the confidence to put their best faces forward. Faces of Force is the new face of hair and skincare for melanin-rich men.

Core Values


Represent all: Support and advocate for civil rights, freedom of speech, property rights, and equal access to goods and services.


Be a cultural change-maker. Be a positive influence. Be a vital expression of self.


Elevate the spirit. Soar above negativity. Inspire the imagination. Free the mind. Celebrate the victories.


.Totality of Self 
.Original Perfection Cycles of Life
.Perpetual Motion + Change


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